Tuesday, August 16, 2005

First round of school meetings-
Last night I took my son to the HS "open house" so we could get his schedule, books, and walk him through the halls to the classes. I was so totally frustrated!
First, we sat through this welcoming message from the new principal, assist. Principal, the coach, and so on. They said nothing of any importance.
Then, we stood in this horrible, long line to get the schedule, but it wasn't there. We were told to go to the counselor's office. So we stood in another long line with people who, apparently, can't hear, because half of them were there for things they were told how and when to fix in the useless meeting. Finally, we get to the secretary who tells us that my son's shot record is the problem and I have to go to the nurse.
The poor nurse caught all my anger and frustration with this whole set up. Luckily, I had the records with me. She made a copy, and we got his schedule.
Now, part of what made me angry was the issue with the shots. At the end of school last year, we got a notice that he needed a tetanus shot before he'd be allowed to attend HS, but it never said anything about how and when to tell THEM about it. Of course, we took him for the shot this summer.
Last night, the nurse said it was something that was supposed to have been done earlier. How am I supposed to know that? Of course, the kids who are in sports already had theirs prior to playing them, but my son isn't playing sports.
I do, however take my son to his DR. Every three months. You'd think somewhere along the line last year he would have mentioned it.
Maybe they mentioned it last year in the meeting they forgot to include my son in. (the announcement was made, but those in PE never heard it and no one thought to tell them)
Maybe they mentioned it in the ONE meeting they scheduled last year for the parents when we had a prior engagement and could not attend. But, you'd think they could have mentioned it when I met with both the HS and middle school counselors about him not being part of the meeting last year.
I have lingering issues with all that went on last year on this subject.
I hear the kids talking about making up schedules, but my son isn't one of them. I ask him about it. He has no idea what I'm talking about. I ask the MS counselor about it. " the HS C had a meeting about it. I don't have any schedules here, I've run out." I ask my son again. He said he didn't go to a meeting. I drop by the HS C office. I ask about it. She told me she had the meeting. I said my son wasn't there. She CALLED the MS to find out if he was there that day! He was. She has no explanation... And no schedules. She's run out. I gave up. What else was I to do?
Last night, I was sure all the trouble I was having had to do with him not filling out a schedule. Turns out, it was the shots instead.
My son is not a stand-out student, in fact, he works very hard not to stand out. He's not interested in band,singing, or sports. He doesn't want to stand up in front of people. He's gone through school being utterly forgettable. I hope he finds his niche in HS. Until they take a good look at him, he won't.


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