Sunday, May 09, 2010

Maura's 16th Birthday-
Maura wanted her Birthday to have an 80's theme. She was torn between going to Springfield to an 80's arcade, or roller skating. In the end, she decided skating. We met at the park first to have the cake. JJ and Karri stopped by there as well as everyone else. Then we all went to the skating rink.
OK, so Maura was quite challenging about Steve's and mine ability to skate, so, of course, we had to prove her wrong. Being almost 50 and out of shape, skating is probably not the thing you should do, especially after a 20+ year hiatus. But, I think we did a good enough showing to win that challenge. Steve fell and pulled something, so he's not feeling too chipper at the moment.
At some point, Delaney started an air hockey winning streak until she hit Morrow. I think Maura enjoyed her day.
Air hockey, Morrow and Delaney
Maura, jacob and CJ skating
80's themed Cake


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