Sunday, April 18, 2010

Delaney and Track-Thursday's track meet at Home. Getting ready for the 4x4 relay- Delaney's final event.
Shot Put event at Branson HS.
Delaney running the 4x4 at Branson HS.
So, Thursday, I had to take my quilts (3) to a gallery in Jefferson City. The only time I've been to JC was chaperoning the 8th grade Honor Society trip to the capital. (I've done that twice and hope to do it again if Delaney gets in) Anyway, It's a long 4 hour drive there and I found the gallery easily enough and was allowed to drop off the art work early so I could drive back and catch some of Delaney's home track meet. I only got to see her last event - the 400x 4 (4x4) which is a relay race and each girl runs one full lap around the track. I was sitting among the other kids and was cheering, "go delaney!" when all of them turned to me and said, "don't yell her name! she doesn't like that. It distracts her and makes her run slower!" Seems like a control issue to me. I asked her about it and she said, it's not bad at the track meets, but at practice, it really distracts her, so she asked them not to yell out her name. The thing that really amazes the kids is that she's not even winded after she finishes the race. She runs the entire race with her mouth closed.
She's doing well, I think. She's doing 4 events, both running and field events. At the home meet, her 2x4 team came in first and her 4x4 team came in 3rd.


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