Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Challenge two- triangulation

This week's challenge theme was "triangulation".
I call this one "New York Fish"
11"x 11"

I've been thinking about the upcoming addition to the family and, while there's no theme for the room, there is a color scheme. Blues and Grays. If there's no theme, I can make up one! I thought about where they are from and where they live. One is from Ohio and will probably incorporate an Ohio star (or two) in the final quilt, but The other is from New York and I thought about using the New York Beauty to represent her. I've never made one of those and so I thought I'd do a quick version to see how it plays out. This couple also has a home in Florida, so that turned my thoughts towards the Ocean. 
 So, I used fusible to put this together but I probably won't do it for the baby quilt. I did the most simple version of the NYB but might consider a bit more complex for the baby quilt. I used some fabric that I had in two colorways, dark blue and light blue. I'd probably find something less feminine for the baby. I also did the stitching in gray, but I don't like that. I should have used a dark blue. 
The fish just begged to be bright and cartoon-like. From there, I just did all sorts of goofy things. I used Iron on scraps for the triangles (glitter iron-on) and for the eyes. Not something I'd do for a baby quilt. Then, added the acrylic rhinestones to just push it further. (also something I'd not do for a baby quilt). 
Somewhere along this process, I thought the circles could make a nice porthole and then I could put a feature sea creature in each circle. Something that might be a bit too goofy for the parents, but still a fun idea for a baby quilt at some point. 

New things I tried making this quilt: 
The New York Beauty pattern
facing a quilt instead of binding
using Iron on as a design element

I've appreciated the education I got throughout the challenge this week. 

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Challenge Quilt

Week One- Hometown Proud.
   The term "home town" can mean many different places, especially when you've lived a while. Do I go with where I was a child? Or a teen? Where I made my first home alone? Or as a married couple? Or where I've raised my family? In the end, I decided to go with my current hometown. I live in Kimberling City, Missouri, and I've been here for over 20 years.
  The town isn't just small, it has little history. It had a ferry to cross the White River and then later, a bridge (which is actually under the current one). It seems it always had to do with water and leisure. When they built the Dam, it flooded the lowlands and created Tablerock Lake. Lake Life was created. The most important structure in town is The Kimberling City bridge which connects the southern part of the county to the northern. It is a vital part of transportation for many living on the southern side.
  So here is my tribute to the bridge with an abstract sunset reflected in the water.
   This piece is 10"x 10". Rather small, but I just learned of the challenge on Tuesday night and wanted to be sure I completed it.  This is a raw edge applique, just the two layers of fabric, then quilted.