Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Merry Christmas

I am writing this on my new computer that has an e key and I'm thrilled to be able to just write and not have to go back and correct for that missing e all the time.
 Having a new computer is a bit like moving into a new house. It's similar, but there's a lot of things in the wrong place and it takes a while to settle into the new space.
 I am still working this week five days and it's a bit crazy and chaotic, and I look forward to the next week of counting and get sad. It's also time when we're all a bit anxious for it to be over.
 I have applied to a new opportunity to show my work and we'll see what comes of it. I don't think they really know what they want, so I'm not sure what the project will end up being. It definitely isn't shaping up to be my vision of what could be there- I imagine salon style displays and multiple artists involved. I think they are looking for a few and divided in sections. Oh well. It's a shot at what I'd really like to see happen- my art on display without me having to be there. LOL
  Between this opportunity and another, my mind is weaving a bit- how to stay true to the direction I want to head in personally, adapt to sell-able smaller pieces as well as address a creepy theme for another exhibit and produce at a high level to keep up.
  I had a discussion with a fellow art traveler the other day and I pointed out her goal of an arts center might be getting the cart before the horse, as she has no art programs yet. Not many would be willing to renovate a building for a group that has no programs. So, she said maybe I should propose a class she could promote. I answered that I am not really interested in teaching how to make art (procedures) but much more interested in why we make art.
  In my opinion, that discussion is sadly lacking in the local art groups I've belonged to. I've seen some really bizarre things this year at art meetings. I'm wanting to see some bottom line numbers in some projects / galleries people have done. I'm willing to take a chance on some things, but I'm not looking to lose money on a regular basis. I'd like to see what the local Arts Council is trying to do and how successful they are. Seems like they should have some numbers to show for their efforts now.
  Anyway- I'm enjoying the process of pin pointing my thoughts a bit more.


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