Monday, December 05, 2016

Life after noise

  I've been marginally successful with cutting down on the noise in my life. I find I don't miss the online group at all. Even though I've cut myself off, I still ended up having a piece in Houston and still heard about the controversy involving copied art there again. My only comment to that was to acknowledge it and realise there's no fighting it. Remaining FB friends with those still fighting the good fight kept me in the loop but I have no interest in fighting it any longer.
  I've been examining some groups I belong to- re-evaluating their usefulness. I might keep one, drop the other and I joined up with a new group I'm excited about. I am concerned that, while I can think up projects, I can't execute them with the speed others can. Between work and that my medium takes longer, I just can't get to production phase just yet.
  I'm going back to focus on two themes I want to work in and I have a couple ideas I want to pursue within those larger themes. The idea of archeology- digging into your past, layering work and the second is regionalism.
  I have grown tired of some of the more traditional ways to achieve success in the arts. I tried the quilt show route, the gallery route and a long time ago I did the craft/ art show route. None of them are particularly rewarding. I've grown a bit cynical, but I'm really tired of the "pay to play" system that is pervasive in the art world. Too many artists are out there spending money they get from elsewhere (their spouses, their retirement, their other job) to try to show their art in places that don't pan out financially. Why do it?
 So off the merry-go-round I go and away from the Carnival life to where it's quiet and personal. I have a need to hear my own voice and luckily, I can do that for now. Perhaps, at the end, I'll be able to show what I've been thinking.
  But first, I finish this season of work and prepare for Christmas, so no physical art for me for some time. I'm in my fallow stage, thinking, considering, sketching, planning which is arguably, my favorite part of creation.


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