Friday, May 27, 2016

a special request

I was hoping for a slower week so I could work on this parasol. I did get my wish, but I might be wishing I had stocked up more for the weekend. In any event, I had a conversation with Sherry and it was quite a list she had for this one. I believe I did justice for everything she wanted, however, I had to change how I originally thought I would do it. Because Petra (the treasury) is built from solid rock, I didn't have a good way of blending from one scene to the next so I decided to make medallions with those images inside. Since she wanted just 3 scenes, the forth was for the words, "Israel and Jordan 2016". She also wanted her name twice on it and some sunflowers, so I balanced those elements.
  I have no idea if she'll like this. I'm a bit nervous really. But, I've put in a call for her to come see it and if she doesn't, I have another week to make a new one. I've been told if she does not like it, I'll know it. LOL Honestly, she's always been so sweet to me.
  Wish me luck!


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