Monday, July 21, 2014

early July

 My one lone peach tree produced a great crop (only 2 years old) and I happily processed them for my freezer, divided up, and ready for peach cobblers throughout the year. I had enough left to make some peach preserves. I decided to go with the pint jars and got three. Of course, none of my family really likes to eat peach preserves, so I decided to make some honey oatmeal bread and took the bread and preserves to work, where I shared it with everyone. It was a big hit.
  The squash is cooked and in the freezer for squash casseroles. These are just the first of many cucumbers that I've shared with others at work. In turn I've received zucchini (which I turned into a yummy bread) I love sharing garden stuff!
 Did you see the honey Moon? I was VERY impressed with my camera this night when I took this picture from my front deck. Hand held shot. Wow!
 I do like this little set up of my herbs right off the back deck. I'm very impressed with Steve's use of them too. He's been cooking (when he's been home) and the addition of the rosemary to his tuna salad was just yummy.
Lastly, With Steve out of town for the 4th of July, it made for a sad holiday weekend that never quite gelled.  It wasn't until he set off these fireworks that it finally felt like the 4th at our house, albeit several days late.