Thursday, June 19, 2014

June already

 Maura is home and working at SDC again. They took her favorite ride away from HDH, so, she qualified to run a couple small rides at the Expo, so she can play with the kids again for a couple days a week. I discovered the way to get a good picture of Maura is to wait until she's tired of making all her goofy looks, then she gives you this look.
 Lola was moping around because we were obviously going to work and Delaney wasn't wake yet. She's such a people person. She started cuddling with me last night about 3 am. Not exactly a great time for me, I'm trying to sleep here!
 I love to spend some time in the mornings before work looking at my garden. It's coming along and I love combining flowers with veggies. The daylilies are blooming, orange and deep yellow and reds with orange centers. Later, there will be ice yellow as well. The squirrels have discovered where we moved the birdfeeder. We've tried greasing the pole, lately, we've added a baffle. Hope it works.
 We have cheery tomatoes in a box and okra in the next followed by eggplant (not much hope for those- flea beetles!) The tomatoes are coming long as well as the cucumbers and peppers.  All my herbs in pots are growing well too. Looking forward to some fresh tomatoes and basil in July.
Here's another look into our backyard. I am waging war here. I have been fighting the vinca to stay out of my perennial garden, the wild grapes out of my honeysuckle, the clematis and morning glories and struggling to grow things along the back along the fence. We battle the weeds along the side of our property and always fight the Virginia creeper (a 20 year battle we keep losing). 
Steve has been re-doing the bathroom upstairs. It's been painted, new flooring partially completed at this point and the promise of a new sink to come. Unfortunately, he's got to make a quick trip OOT so the work will continue when I'm back at work. (OH! So SAD! LOL)
Night Water is tonight. It's when the employees of SDC get the whole water park to themselves, cook out, movie and splashing fun. Maura and I can't wait. I think tomorrow, we'll go see "the Fault in Our Stars". Of course the book made me cry, but a bit crazy that a YA book about cancer patients is making me consider a few things myself at age 53.
I've been fighting so hard to keep "my art" going when I really don't have much time to devote to it. I knew drawing all day would curtail some of my desire to make art for myself, but having just a couple days off and needing to do day-to-day living stuff as well as garden time, it's just crazy for me to keep struggling so hard.  As in the book, what sort of person do you want to be? Do you want to make a mark on the world ?  I always thought I did but doesn't look like I'll be making too big of a mark with my "real" art. I do get quite a few compliments on my stuff at work and it's a pleasant, if not confusing life to have people say how good you are drawing pictures on parasols but not recognize your real art as art. So, confusion is playing a part in all this and wondering if I should stop pushing myself in any one direction and do what I want (with no goals) for a time for clarity.
I'd like to work on my drawing skills again. do some embroidery and play around with sewing dresses again.