Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Looking for signs of Fall

 While all the crafters are not in the park yet, there are quite a few interesting crafters in the park now.
This one is from Oregon (I think) and she would do great in the stationary/ gift market with her inspirational (often Biblical) paintings/ prints.
 One of the log cabins at the park. I was playing with my camera settings and this one is a lot of fun for me. It makes the scene look like it's a miniature or a model being photographed. I've seen the effect on some TV shows in the opening credits. I meant to see if it worked in the video mode on mine.
 The foreign nationals that Kodak brings in every summer are leaving. In this case, they are from Turkey and heading back to college in a couple weeks.
Jill enjoys taking pictures of the guests and having her picture taken too. Tom, not so much.