Monday, July 22, 2013

July in the Ozarks

  Just a  ramble without any pictures for this entry.
  My Brother, Ernest passed away after  relatively short hospice care. I had already gone to see him and mourned his loss with him. He was my JoJo and I'll always have that.
   This is the busy time of year at work and it feels even busier than ever this year. Especially during Moonlight Madness and how short handed we are. The public is being kinda odd too- super busy on Saturday, not so much on Sunday. We all just seem to want to soldier through these next two weeks.
   The garden, in some ways, is on a slow track. The squash has been great, the cukes, not as fast to fruit as I hoped. Something is enjoying my brussel sprout leaves to the point of making lace that's actually pretty, if it weren't making it impossible for sprouts to grow.  My basil is not so patiently waiting for the tomatoes to ripen. Steve's corn is doing well this year.
  We've been a bit short of rain for awhile but a storm rolled through last night and is still lingering. if only I was painting parasols today and not working a register, I'd be able to make more back stock. Oh well.
   I don't get to make much art for myself during the summer when I work at an amusement park. I just have to look to January and Feb. for those private art times. I tried to be a member of the local guild, but my schedule at work is so messed up, I can't get to any of the meetings. Not the main ones or the art ones. I'm not sure if it was a good fit for me anyway. I may have to change my name to lone wolf quilter.


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