Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Parasol Lady

 Full view of the set up
close up of the small parasols
I am looking forward to the Christmas Festival coming in a few short weeks, when the park is open at night and the atmostphere is so joyful. I'm getting a bit short on the color choices of parasols and I'm working on designs to make them more feminine for all the sweet girls who have put a parasol on their gift list.
 The small ones are so perfect for 18" dolls or as room decorations, the large ones are great to play dress up and, yes, you can use them in the rain too.
 I've got almost 100 different designs I can do on the parasols and I'm open to requests. Last week, I had a 20 something kick her shoe off and asked me to recreate her tatoo on the parasol. Umm- OK.
   One of the really interesting thing about this job is all the names I encounter. Some of them are most unusual and there's quite the trend of taking an old fashioned name and changing up the spelling. So, for example, I'll see an Emily, or an Emilee, Emilea, or even an Emili. If you're looking for a girl baby name- I'm your best source!