Monday, September 12, 2011

Catching up-
It's been a while since I've posted, what with school starting and working, but here's a few things to talk about. Steve and I went on the Branson belle showboat. he wondered if it qualified as a cruise (but everyone said NO!) It was a pleasant 2- 3hours and included a show, dinner and lovely scenery. I enjoyed seeing the views from the boat, the dinner was a bit hit or miss. I thought the bread was a bit odd- a basket of 4 different breads for 2 of us. none of them all that exciting- the dinner was roast beef, mashed potatoes, green beans and chicken. The chicken was just odd- a bit tough, not seasoned at all. The dessert was a frozen pie,which was good, but my piece was about half the size of Steve's. That's ok, since I'm trying to cut back on that stuff, but was just inconsistent. The entertainment was mostly fun- the magician was just odd. He did the most simplistic tricks- stuff Steve carries around in his pocket, how many years after he's stopped performing?
The other performers were great. I liked the group and the violinist.
It seemed as though we didn't actually go very far, just twice around the area near the Dam.
We went to dinner at Greg and Debbie's to see the new addition- Henry! He's 5 months old and Debbie and Greg are having a blast with him. He looks a lot like Greg and he's very strong, especially in the torso. IMHO. Debbie told us several people think they are the grandparents. That is odd to me- she's 40 and he's 50, so yeah, maybe, except I don't wanna be a grandma any time soon. I just know that they really wanted Henry and are enjoying the heck out of him.
We went to the football game on friday. I wish I had a picture, but I only took video of the band. If you follow me, you know how I hate this stuff- oddly, I find it a bit more interesting now that I know so many of the football players so well. I've been around them since they were in kindergarten and have little memories of so many of them in my mind. I guess the band messed up pretty big on their piece. Not sure since I am not sure how it's supposed to sound and, honestly, too many people talk in the stands through the performance for me to hear much of it. Maybe I'll hear it at competition.

I spend quite a bit of time now at work and I meet some interesting people. For instance, this is when Charlie was warning us that he had tried a new version of BOD and we might be finding him irresistible. They are always cracking me up.
On 9/11, the park had a small program. This is what you saw when you arrived at the park- the flag is suspended between two firetrucks, one from Branson and one from Stone co. At noon, all the activity in the park stopped. They stopped the rides, all the shops emptied, the turnstiles stopped as well as parking. We cleared the store and stood outside, near the turnstiles, where explanations, directions and prayers were lead by one of the employees. Meanwhile, at the square, a lot more was going on and all the visitors were encouraged to go there if they could. There was a moment of silence and the national anthem was sung, broadcast over the loudspeakers, then a very nice statement was read and we clapped and went back to work.
I've gotten more emotional about the little things as I've gotten older. When he asked those who have served in the military to salute while the rest of us put our hands over our heart during the national anthem,I looked at this guy who probably served in Vietnam standing at attention, saluting, with great pride- well, it brought tears.