Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Registered for High School-
Delaney was excited and nervous to head off to High School. Waiting in the lines with the other freshmen, she had a blast comparing schedules and trying to open her locker. Side note: She was the only one of my kids who actually figured out the locker combination on the first day. In the end, she took off with Brooke and I shopped and came home.
I signed up to sub again this year, but I'll do it on a limited basis as my other job will allow. I didn't want to loose my background check if something doesn't work out at SDC. I'm calling it a transition.
Moonlight Madness is over and I'm back to normal hours. I need to head in a bit early today to drop off the dresses I repaired for the dress shop and I hope to drop by the other painter's site to see if they have white paint pens. They'll just be open this week and then our spot will be the only place to get parasols.
Maura signed up for the ACT again. Hoping she scores higher than the 25 she has now. 30 seems to be a good number to aim for. She's enjoying her time with Zach before he heads off to college. I'm hoping to hear him play before then. Next week he'll play at Outback's and I'm looking forward to hearing him.


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