Saturday, July 09, 2011

Weird stuff-
Last night, when I was getting into my car at the employee parking lot, I discovered a wooden walking stick in the passenger's seat and the glove compartment was open. At first I thought someone had mistaken my car for theirs. I came home mildly amused. It was a nice walking stick with a compass embedded in the top and a leather strap. BUT- it wasn't mine and, even though it might be impossible to find the owner by word of mouth, i thought to do that.
This morning, I took the stick with me to work and started telling people the strange story. Some suggested it might be connected to the police car in the parkinglot last night so, when I got to my shop, I called security to report it. It wasn't long before I had visitors and it was, indeed connected.
I ended up making a police report since, even though the unknown bandit GAVE me a walking stick, he also TOOK some checks I had in the car. Nice that the police last night found them on this guy and took them from him.
This guy seemed so bizarre in his choices of things he took and left (not just my stuff) and I guess the checks were the only thing of actual value found on him.
The moral of the story is that I could have just blown the walking stick off as "oh well, their loss" and never would have discovered my checks missing. Always try to do the right thing.


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