Friday, July 29, 2011

New Job-
I'm still working at the Amusement park, but I've switched to a new position and I'm loving it.
I get to use my art talent and connect to kids on a one-to-one way that I really enjoy. Being able to make a simple drawing and knowing that it makes people happy is fun.
Not long ago on the QA list, someone asked if we considered not making quilts. My first thought was no... but then I didn't get accepted into the Houston show with a piece I really liked. Oh, I know it can be just not the juror's cup of tea, it might have been my photos (my CD got cracked in the mail and I emailed photos directly which I may have forgotten to re-size.) It could have been how rushed I felt finishing this quilt at a time I felt so pressured with end of school year stuff. I might not know exactly why I didn't get in the competition, but it's effect is that I am second guessing myself.
Maybe I am stuck in this direction that isn't popular at the moment. My quilts are getting pretty dark and moody. Maybe I am needing to step back and make a quilt not for competition. It feels like any quilts I make is for competition and I don't have time to make anything else. Maybe I should step back and experiment and not be concerned about making something for anyone else.
How much will the constant demand of drawing at my job will affect my need to be creative? I'm not sure. At the most basic level, I'm working as an artist- not making BIG art, but still, enjoyable.
If I do keep making quilts for shows, I'll have to adjust my time frame for working. I have a hard time getting much accomplished when I'm working. The hours of the park take a large chunk out of the center of the day/ evening. I'll have a couple months off in jan and feb and then back to work. Any big stuff will have to be done then.
All kinda interesting.


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