Monday, June 06, 2011

Playing Tourist-
Today was my day off and, after a few errands, Delaney and I decided to play tourist and see some of the smaller attractions in Branson. Because I work at SDC, I had a list of attractions I could go to for free. The purpose is that, once I see the attraction, I am more likely to talk about it to the visitors. So, today, Delaney and I went to the Butterfly Place, Titanic and The Family Fun center for a round of putt putt golf.
The Butterfly Place is a lovely building with the butterfly room in the top floor and a gently sloping circular walk leading up to it. The room has an air door and double doors to keep the butterflies in the room. It's a beautiful room, filled with lush vegetation and several different types of butterflies fluttering around. It's a relaxing atmosphere, slow down, take it easy and enjoy the chance of seeing a butterfly land on you. I was all set to enjoy taking several photos, when my camera died and I realized I didn't take the time to make sure it was charged before I went today.
Delaney had hers, but it's not as good of a camera, so the first picture was taken with mine and the second with hers. I'm just going to have to go back another time and make sure I have my camera charged.
Besides the butterfly room, they had a mini science area with other creatures, frog and lizards and such and then a mirror maze, which was kinda fun and an extensive gift shop with all sorts of things related to Butterflies.

We went to Titanic- no photos allowed so, I guess I didn't feel so bad about my camera not being charged up. This museum really tried to make the whole Titanic event very personal. At the beginning, they give you a card that has information about a passenger. At the end, you find out if you lived or died. I was the richest woman on the ship and occupied one of the two largest staterooms on the ship. I was traveling with my son, coming home to America after spending quite some time adventuring. Delaney was a teenaged girl traveling with her family who was also fairly well off. They had the only car on the ship (in the movie, that's where they made out) and also had one of the few dogs on board. The museum actually has two dogs of the breed this family had as part of the display. (live ones) There's a lot of reading, but enough interaction and a few unique displays to break it up. Still, you are confronted time after time with such personal narratives, making the whole thing overwhelmingly sad. At the end, we discovered that both Delaney and I lived, but I'm sure there are those who discover their person perished. Personally, the thing I found most interesting was a catalog of designs that were offered by a designer of the time who was on the ship. I would have bought a reproduction of that book had they had it for sale. I also liked seeing the celtic design china that was one of the official designs of the Titanic. They offered the blue and white china reproductions but not that one. It's an interesting museum.
Lastly, we went to The Family Fun Center which offers indoor blacklight minigolf and laser tag.
We just did the mini golf and it was fun. neither one of us are good at it but really, the fun part was seeing all the glowing stuff and the different themed rooms. The dragon was cool but I liked the underwater scene the best Delaney's clothes were glowing but nothing I was wearing glowed except my toenail polish! It was so crazy to see my glowing toes! There are several mini golf places in Branson, but on a hot day like today was, I think an indoor place was just perfect.
All in all, I had a great time exploring some of the smaller attractions in the area. I can't complain about a single one, especially in terms of service and friendliness. I'd recommend seeing any of these attractions.


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